Rattan furniture -- The "Come-Back Kid"

Made from a type of palm tree, rattan isn’t just lovely to look at -- it’s durable and resists moisture, making it an excellent choice for patio furniture. Wicker is often confused with rattan. Though there may be some resemblance between the two, wicker is actually an action word.  Wicker is a specific type of weaving that gives its unique look. Rattan is derived from the plant. 

Perhaps that’s why rattan pairs so well with houseplants and flowers. It's an easy elegance and like your favorite black dress- can be dressed up or down. Rattan is friendly that way! The subtle lines and neutral color do a good job of emphasizing attractive objects- think a Bold burnt orange Wooden Bowl, curtains, vanities, mirrors- basically all the accents. Its like painting your home décor hues on a neutral Canvas.

Since rattan can be weather-protected, it’s an ideal choice for patio chairs and tables. Rattan does not fade with the sun, and remains a stable choice for a variety of interior and exterior décor statements!


The ‘Come-back’ kid. 

It’s only been more recently since rattan has come out of retirement. Now that it’s an established reemergence, it’s more popular than EVER. And while Vintage rattan is rare, there are options such as yard sales, even thrift stores carry rattan. Since it’s light in terms of weight, it’s a favorite for many, with a very  simplistic and easy means to change a room around without the heavy feel of full wooden pieces. But- you can feel good about purchasing newer Rattan as a result of the WFF (World Wide Fund For Nature) which has aggressively been creating and sourcing Rattan in a way that is now a more sustainable product, and is a source of income for much of the population of Southwest Asia- particularly Indonesia, Laos and Cambodia. So do your homework, if you can't find the Vintage stuff- enquire about companies that work with the WFF to find your dream pieces! 


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