About Us

From the Founder, Krista Breen

BettyRose has been an account in the making for awhile. A grandmother-daughter duo selling Vintage Jewelry in 2018- diving into old trunks for silk scarfs, brass birds and cameo broaches. With the passing of Betty in 2019,the shop was at a standstill for a long while.

With marriages and babies in between, it wasn't until the pandemic season of 2020 that the account came alive again. With a small baby in tow, tons of hours at home and no visitors (the plants got boring)- we went to work, started selling vintage furniture and didn't look back. By 2021, we were adding in specially curated pre-loved and contemporary items. Most recently, our love of Scandinavian style and DIY inspired us to add in concrete objects and hand-poured candles...with an eventual eye on textiles!

Our little eclectic account is forever on the hunt for interesting, even fringe objects for people to bring home as a talking piece.

Our promise is not to bore-  so please, stay tuned with us for more DIY projects, general vintage fanaticism and perpetual attempts to learn to keep plants alive!

 (BettyRoseVintage is located in the Peninsula Province of Nova Scotia on the East Coast of Canada. 5 % of sales go to OutOfTheCold Shelter @otchfx in Halifax/Kjipuktuk.)

From the founder


Hannah Pellerin- Social Media Assistant

Hannah is our jack-of-all-trades, keep-me-in-line kind of gal that we appreciate so much! Whether its taking pictures, running errands, updating our website, helping with social media/marketing or giving creative ideas she does it with an honest type of zeal that's like having a personal cheerleader on the team. Plus my son thinks she is Hannah from the Wiggles, which- to be honest she kind of is! 

With a background in family studies, she can also pick up where needed with our little Connie. A serious quadruple threat, fiery redhead from PEI. She's also got incredible personal style and can actually bench press more weight than my husband and most men. (Also a test to see if he looks at the website lol).